From the Chair and Chief Executive

Dr Dale Bramley, Chief Executive

Dr Dale Bramley
Chief Executive

Dr Lester Levy, Board Chair

Dr Lester Levy
Board Chair

In 2015/16 we continued to relentlessly pursue our aim of achieving outstanding health outcomes and experience for our patients, whanau and our population. This Quality Account shows our achievements brought about by our dedicated staff working in partnership with our patients, whānau and our community. A sharpened focus on our organisational promise ‘best care for everyone’ put the people we serve firmly at the heart of these achievements.

Our quality focus on safe, clinically effective, patient and whānau centred care is reflected in our safety record: our hospitals have the lowest standardised mortality rate of any DHB and we have consistently maintained excellent performance across a range of Health Quality and Safety Commission measures. Our hand hygiene compliance continued to improve from 62% (July-October 2012) to 85% (July-October 2015), the rate of healthcare acquired Staphlococcus aureus bacteraemia, the national outcome measure of good hand hygiene practice, has remained well below the national average. Nearly all patients at risk of falling are identified and given an individualised care plan. Electronic medicine reconciliation roll out is now almost complete across the whole organisation [view more about electronic medicine reconciliation], and we have achieved the largest single electronic prescribing implementation in Australasia [view more about electronic prescribing and administration].

Our commitment to helping build strong clinical leadership embedded at all levels of the organisation is demonstrated in this Quality Account by our Intensive Care Unit team. The team have developed a comprehensive quality framework and clinician-led quality improvement programme that is focused on their patients and whānau wellbeing [view more about quality improvement in critical care]. It is a model of excellence that we can all learn from.

One of the greatest achievements of the past year has been the accelerated rollout of our suite of initiatives to improve the experience of patients in our care [view more about our patient experience initiatives]. We have consistently achieved a high level of patient satisfaction and we know from measuring patient feedback that the dignity and respect we demonstrate is recognised and appreciated. We were encouraged to see this work nationally recognised with awards from the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand and the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

We continue to face challenges in our pursuit of providing high quality care and we have a suite of programmes planned for 2016/17 to meet these challenges [view more about our underway projects for 2016/17]. We know that we need to be open to change, improve and learn and be outward focused and flexible. Our Institute for Innovation and Improvement is leading our innovation and improvement programmes [view more about the Institute]. The Leapfrog Programme, led by the Institute, is achieving significant change and instilling a culture of innovation and improvement [view more about the Leapfrog Programme]. We will be building on our success in enhancements to mobile IT devices, WiFi access, transcription and voice-to-text capability, electronic ordering systems, clinical decision support tools, improved outpatient follow-up and data collection and reporting on patient experience.

The quality of the patient and whānau experience, and their outcomes will remain the starting point for the way we think, act and invest. In 2016/17 we will see further enhancement of our patient experience programme, including development of our Patient Experience and Reporting System (PERSy) that will provide a deeper understanding of our patients’ experience and what matters most to them, and better insight into how the experience of our staff affects our patients’ experience [view more about patient and staff experience reporting]. We will be rolling out a patient engagement system across our hospitals, building on the patient entertainment system that we piloted this year [view more about our patient entertainment systems].

We would like to thank all the staff at Waitemata DHB who work tireless every day to better the lives of patients and the community we serve. It is their contribution which makes these achievements possible. We renew our resolve to relieve suffering, reduce inequalities and promote wellness for those in our community as we ready ourselves for another year of significant growth and service to our community.