Board priorities

What are we trying to achieve?

Best care for everyone

Our promise, purpose, priorities and values are the foundation for all we do as an organisation.


Our promise is that we deliver the ‘best care for everyone’. This means we strive to provide the best care possible to every single person and their family engaged with our services. We put patients first and are relentless in the pursuit of fundamental standards of care and ongoing improvements enhanced by clinical leadership.

Waitemata DHB - Promise, Purpose, Priorities, ValuesPurpose

Our purpose defines what we strive to achieve, which is to:

  • Promote wellness
  • Prevent, cure and ameliorate ill health
  • Relieve suffering of those entrusted into our care


We have two priorities:

  • Better outcomes
  • patient experience


The way we plan and make decisions and deliver services on a daily basis is based on our values:

everyone matters

with compassion

better, best, brilliant


Our values shave our behaviour and how we measure and continue to improve.

Strategic themes

In order to realise our promise of providing ‘best care for everyone’ a strategic ‘shift’ is required from our current state to achieve a system that is focused on the broader management of health. Our strategic themes provide an overarching framework for the way our services will be planned, developed and delivered in the future. They highlight the need for us to organise our efforts in a different way to deliver more for our population.

  • Community, family/whānau and patient-centred model of care
    Patients, whānau and our community are at the centre of our health system. The quality of the patient and whānau experience, and their outcomes, should be the starting point for the way we think, act and invest. Our focus is on empowering people to achieve the health outcomes they want.
  • Emphasis/investment on treatment and keeping people healthy
    We are investing in our people, services and facilities across the spectrum of care, with increasing investment in preventing ill health. Lifestyle and preventative programmes and primary and community based services will increase wellness and reduce the need for hospital admission. Resources will be targeted at high needs communities.
  • Service integration and/or consolidation
    We need to work collaboratively to ensure that services are delivered by the best provider in the right place. We will focus on what we do best deliver higher standards of care through dedicated centres of excellence, and more local health care.
  • Intelligence and insight
    The dynamic use of data, information and technology will improve clinical decision making and develop our health insights. Data will be used to support quality improvement, population health management and innovation. Patients will have greater access to information via new technologies.
  • Consistent evidence informed decision making practice
    Delivering safe and high quality care is an integral part of our culture. Evidence from research, clinical expertise, patients and whānau, and other resources will drive our decisions.
  • Outward focus and flexible service orientation
    We put patients first and strive for fundamental standards of care. We must have an openness to change, improve and learn and be outward focused and flexible. Strong clinical leadership is embedded at all levels of the organisation. We are an advocate for the health of our population.
  • Operational and financial sustainability
    Operational and financial sustainability is critical to our ability to deliver on our organisational promise and purpose. We need a longer-term view. To achieve more with the funding we have we will work with others to develop the best service configuration and optimise models of care for efficiency and the best health outcomes. Our workforce must have the highest standard of expertise.

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