Community engagement

Community engagement strategy

What is community engagement?

Effective community engagement results in:

  • services, activities and programmes that reflect the strengths, needs and resources of our patients, families and the wider community
  • outcomes that are understandable and that reflect their expectation

We assess whether community engagement is required and the scale of that engagement by considering key criteria such as:

  • number of people affected
  • level of impact the decision will have on the everyday lives, wellbeing or interests of the community
  • degree of change

Engagement Strategy

The Waitemata DHB Engagement Strategy has been developed to outline the importance of involving the patients, their families and the wider community in our day to day activities, future planning and the improvement of our services.

Our engagement strategy incorporates an engagement cycle which has five stages to:

  1. identify needs and aspirations
  2. develop priorities, strategies and plans
  3. improve services
  4. specify, design and contract services
  5. monitor services

Engagement strategy cycle

What can you do to help us?

There are a number of different ways that patients, families and the wider community can get involved. For example, you could:


What have we done?

We have developed an action plan that incorporates the government’s priority of delivery of 'better public services' as defined in the NZ Health Strategy 2016. We have specifically focused on a more people-centered approach to health service provision

Over the last 12 months we have undertaken the following:

  • community consultation events on where a new primary birthing unit should be located that included face-to-face discussions with 450 people with an additional 1,000 people providing feedback online
  • development of a recognition programme for community representatives including financial recognition
  • development of a support, mentoring and evaluation framework for our consumer representatives which includes recruitment and selection processes and providing regular communication and networking opportunities
  • an additional 400 people have joined our online community panel providing regular feedback on our activities and services
  • consumer representatives have been appointed to the following programmes:

Where to from here?

A wide range of activities that will be undertaken over the next three years including:

  • a health literacy programme of work
  • staff training and guidance
  • engagement support for facilities development and wayfinding including signage
  • maintaining a strong partnership with Health Links to support the engagement