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Waitemata DHB serves a population of 575,000 people, the largest and fastest growing population of any health district in New Zealand (as identified in the 2013 census). In response to the population size and this growth forecast, the DHB's site master plan includes several projects to increase sustainable bed capacity. 

To ensure Waitemata DHB continues to provide health service facilities that deliver best care for everyone while enhancing patient and whānau experiences, a set of core design principles have been drafted that would apply to all facilities design projects that the DHB undertakes [view more about our core design principles]. These design principles are planned to future-proof current and planned design and redesign projects to be adaptable for changes in the way care is provided.

Waitemata DHB Core Design Principles

A number of projects are being undertaken to increase bed numbers across Waitemata DHB's North Shore Hospital campus in the short-medium term (0-5 years). In the longer term (5-10 years), Waitemata DHB is considering a number of projects to sustain capacity in the longer term. Some of the facilities projects completed this year include:

Elective Surgery Centre sky bridge

Elective Surgery Centre (ESC) sky bridge

We have created a purpose-built bridge to link our North Shore hospital tower block and the Elective Surgery Centre (ESC).

Key Facts

  • 100m long
  • Elevation minimum of 4.5m above ground level
  • Supported by four main columns
  • Exterior façade integrates glass and solid aluminium panels to maintain patient privacy while allowing natural light into the space
  • Columns and soffit integrate perforated aluminium cladding adding interest to the underside of the structure

Waitakere emergency department expansion

Waitakere Hospital emergency department expansion

Waitakere Hospital’s emergency department has expanded to almost double its size with an additional 1300 square metre footprint. The $9.8 million expansion includes:

  • New front-of-house zone, with separate waiting areas for adults and children
  • 19 new patient cubicles
  • Dedicated procedure and medication rooms for adults and children
  • New zones for emergency cases involving children
  • Extensive new patient and whanau facilities

Spiritual centre - Ahurewa

The Chapel in the new Spiritual Centre at North Shore Hospital

We have a new Spiritual Centre, Ahurewa, located on the 3rd floor of the tower block on the North Shore Hospital site. It is the new base for our chaplains, a space for patients, whanau and staff to share. The Centre caters for multiple faiths and encourage all people from all denominations to use it.

The new Spiritual Centre encompasses the Chapel of St Luke, a prayer room, quiet room, and also two seminar rooms.